Orsee Design Associates has embraced and supported eco-efficient, low maintenance designs and environments for many years. A sustainable landscape is a healthy and resilient landscape that will endure over the long term without the need for high input of scarce or expensive resources such as water or man-power. The natural functions and processes of the landscape are able to maintain themselves into the future. Environment, it's use and plant materials that work in harmony with an internal system has always been a conservation philosophy behind our award-winning designs.

In accord with the principles of sustainablity, that has come to the forefront of global concern, Orsee Design Associates has successfully planned and executed numerous, drought-tolerant, low maintenance, and sustainable landscapes. These projects can bring together the diverse elements of urban landscape sustainability into a user-friendly set of principles for designing and creating parks and gardens of all types. Orsee Design Associates integrates design into existing themes or streetscapes.

Practicing the leading edge of ecological storm-water management, we have assisted developers, colleges. and municipalitites in designing systems that meet storm-water management standards while also enhancing a site's ecological integrity and aesthetic value. Orsee Design Associates strives to use up-to-date tools and technology.

We are consciously working within this philosophy and practice seeking a blending of nature and technology, regardning ecology as the basis for design. Some believe that strategies of conservation, stewardship and regeneration can be applied at all levels of scale from the individual to the community, with benefit to the human individual and local planetary ecosystems.

"We must take bold and unequivocal action: we must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civilization...we are now engaged in an epic battle to right the balance of our earth; the tide of this battle will turn only when the majority of the people become sufficiently aroused by a shared sense of urgent danger to joined an all-out effort. It is time to come terms with exactly how this can be accomplished."

Vice President, Al Gore

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