Our Promise
  • Integrity: Dedicated to upholding excellent service and workmanship.
  • Innovation: Up to date tools and technology.
  • Integration: Seamless execution into existing themes or streetscapes.

Award-winning design team with over 35 years of experience in bringing you:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Integration

A variety of backgrounds, personal, professional, technical and the communication skills of our staff allows Orsee design Associates to express and undertake complex planning and design assignments. It also allows us to ensure a comprehensive approach to all landscape architechtural or planning projects.

One design philosophy that Orsee Design Associates embraces is that landscape should be more than a pleasant distraction. All of the senses should be stimulated at a higher level. Unity, balance, and proportion harmonize creating a sense of comfort and inspiration.

Enriching the function of an environment is also a concern when approaching a space. Efforts to redefine the human relationship with the larger environment are taken into consideration. These design principles are the fundamental guidelines we use to keep movement and flow of space kinetic and alive.