Harry Nakagawara

Mr. Nakagawara is a licensed landscape architect with experience that encompasses the full spectrum of landscape architecture from parks and recreation planning and environmental impact analysis, to land feasibility and urban design studies. Mr. Nakagawara has been involved in numerous projects that involve the public and private sectors. His educational background in the plant sciences proves invaluable on projects that involve environmentally sensitive areas and projects with adverse growing conditions.

Mr. Nakagawara has had the opportunity to work with many design professionals, communities and land developers over the past 40 years. It is this experience that has given him the sensitivity to effectively communicate and serve our clients.

Timothy Hiraoka

Mr. Hiraoka has been involved in the landscape industry for over 25 years and is licensed in both California and Nevada. He has received a broad range of experience throughout the years as he has had worked with municipalities on public works projects, private, commercial and housing development projects.

Through his involvement in both the private and public sectors, Mr. Hiraoka has had the privilege of serving as the project manager, for the landscape segments of over 300 projects. Managing these commissions from the early preliminary stages, by expediting drawings and controlling contract administration, has given Mr. Hiraoka the expertise to evaluate and plan in order to keep within the time constraints of project budgets with his knowledge and experience with established guidelines and procedures.